IFOU CONSULTANCY (ICON) is a design and consultancy firm that provides two major services:
1.) Spatial design/planning
2.) Consultancy on integral spatial development.
IFOU CONSULTANCY (ICON) is established based on the extensive network of expertise of International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU), a non-profit foundation and a think tank that has been established in the Netherlands in 2004. International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU) is also a platform of collaboration between Asian-European leading universities within the fields of urbanism, research and development. Throughout years of debates within the framework of IFoU and in view of the urge of knowledge exchange on spatial development within the more critical global context in general and non-occidental urban development in particular, we are convinced that the demand of an integral approach on urbanism is increasing. In order to bridge the gap between knowing problems and providing solutions, IFOU CONSULTANCY (ICON) advocates that the approach of an integral urbanism is necessary to use research and design as two-sided tools, by introducing research-by-design and design-by-research into the spatial development and the profession of urbanism.


In view of the fast urbanization in particular in Asia and the environmental degradation worldwide, human society is now facing many critical spatial issues.

Citizen’s City

Citizen’s City, advocated by Prof. Chujoe Hsia,  is neither a playground for neo-liberal experiments nor a niche for grassroots communities. It is the spatial expression of the civil society, able to bridge the demands of the local and the global, the present and the future. It is based on the participation of the active citizen, giving priority to the identity of the particular, in this way adapting as well as limiting the universal dogmas of globalization. Citizen’s City is a principle of hope for the further urbanization of Asia.



PermaCity, introduced by Prof. Jürgen Rosemann as the main theme of the 2007 IFoU Conference, stands as an integrated approach towards urban sustainability and covers all dimensions of the urban society. Environmental -, economic – and social sustainability are the basic requirements of a sustainable PermaCity. Last but not least, cultural development is a necessary condition of a sustainable society. PermaCity invites people to reflect on the developmental aspects of urbanization and to focus on the primary questions: how to steer and shape the process of urbanization without traumatizing our urban planet? With this in mind, the IFOU CONSULTANCY invites decision makers, urban planners, architects and users of the built environment, to question as well as to seek design principles capable of shaping sustainable cities and regions with an ultimate goal of how to generate the conditions necessary to secure the PermaCity ideal.